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Protection & Indemnity Cover
Generally speaking the biggest risks covered by the Protection & Indemnity Insurance provided by the P&I Clubs are listed in the Rules which represent the conditions of the insurance policy save the particular terms negotiated by the contractors in each Certificate of Entry. Just as an example we can give you the following summary:
Liability in respect of persons
(1.1) Liability in respect of seamen for death, injury or illness
(1.2) Liability in respect of passengers and of third parties for death, injury or illness
(1.3) Deviation expenses
(1.5) Repatriation expenses for stowaways and deserters
(1.6) Salvage of human life
Liability in respect of the cargo
(2.1) Liability in respect of damage or loss of the cargo
(2.2) Liability for Extra Handling Costs
Other liabilities in respect of third parties
(3.1) Collision
(3.2) Damage to property
(3.3) Liability for pollution
(3.4) Liability for wreck removal
(3.5) Liability for General Average contribution
(3.6) Salvage compensation
(3.7) Liability arising out from towage contracts
(3.8) Legal and survey costs
(3.9) Enquiry expenses
(3.10) Mitigation costs/Sue and Labour
(3.11) Fines
(3.12) Disinfection and quarantine expenses
(3.13) Ship's confiscation by customs authorities
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