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Ferpandi S.r.l. is a team of highly qualified and skilled people devoted to the handling of claims and of all those crisis/emergency situations which need the intervention of a P&I correspondent.
Through an efficient structure which employs the latest telecommunication systems Ferpandi S.r.l. is capable to provide a response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and an immediate assistance to Masters, Ship Owners, Charterers, Shipping Operators, Agents, P&I Clubs and Insurers.
Emergency phone 24 h: +39 335 7942297

In particular the services we provide are the following:

  • Claims handling for P&I Clubs/Insurers/Ship Owners/ Shipping Operators (see Protection & Indemnity Cover).
  • Catastrophic loss claims handling and cost management.
  • Handling and management of the medical expenses incurred in relation to injuries and/or illness of crew members, passengers and stevedores.
  • Handling of disembarkation and repatriation of stowaways and deserters.
  • First aid advice on legal issues and litigation support.
  • Arranging P&I and loss prevention surveys.
When intervening on particular technical, commercial and legal problems which require a specific competence Ferpandi S.r.l. is in position to identify and to recommend the appointment of the most suitable expert(s) from a wide range of qualified surveyors and lawyers always ready to promptly attend on the spot.

Ferpandi S.r.l. is well based within the various Italian port areas and has direct connections with agents and local operators and hence is in an ideal position to monitor the situations and the continuous evolution of the local shipping market, alerting the Clubs, the Insurers and their Members and Insureds of any topical issues or potential risks or hazards and assisting them in collecting information and news.

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